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A Short Introduction

I’m taking a page out of Steve Jones and creating a separate blog for the goals that I’ve set and am working towards. One of his recommendations is to separate your blogs. Brad McGehee echoes this suggestion. The posts at SQL Server Central appear in the SSC blogroll and I know that there are members of that audience who probably aren’t interested in my personal goals.  If I have something that’s related (such as Active August within the SQL Server and developer community), then I’ll post a cross reference post over there.

Speaking of goals, the title of the blog has a second meaning, since I play goalkeeper (GK) in soccer (I also play as a stopper, my primary position in high school). One of my goals is getting back into playing shape so I can play again in friendly leagues. That’s going to take a lot of work, as it has been 13 and a half years since I’ve played on a team. I’ve coached youth soccer periodically in the interval, but that’s not even close to being in game shape, much less regaining the game awareness that’s required to be a GK.

So why keep a blog on my personal goals? This post from LifeKeeper gives a good explanation as to why:

Why You Should Risk Dweebhood with Written Goals

Another reason is that by having the goals written down in this manner, folks can hold me accountable. So if I say I’m going to participate in Active August and others are doing so, too, then it is very likely that I’m going to be asked about how I’m doing. And that helps keep me on target with respect to working towards my goals.

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