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Like most folks, there are days when I’m running late in the mornings. Usually, I choose to skip eating breakfast at home. If that’s the case, that usually leaves the following options:

  • Grabbing a fast food meal on the way.
  • Snarfing doughnuts and other unhealthy foods that co-workers typically bring in.

Special K Protein BarNeither of those options are very good ones. Another option is to simply stock up at work. This can be a healthy alternative.

Meal replacement bars are cheap and have a long shelf life. Therefore, you can buy them and store them for a while, grabbing one when needed. With that said, there are some recommendations on what to look for in meal replacement bars, because not all of them are exactly healthy. There is also bottled/canned juice which also tends to have a decent shelf life and provides a fruit or vegetable serving for the day. You can add to that by having fresh fruit at the ready at home and grabbing that on your way out the door.

The key is to be prepared so that you don’t make a poor choice because of a lack of time in the morning.

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